The following are short-form web-series that I have been involved with:

Fresh to Death

Executive Producer | Writer | Director | Actor

A Buddy Comedy-Drama

After legendary rapper Fable fakes his own death to escape his unstable rap partner, he must mentor his biggest fan and blaze a trail back to the top from behind the scenes.

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Fresh to Death Pilot Episode


Voice Actor | Puppeteer

An Irreverent Comedy

Four quirky puppet black cats set out to become social media superstars to change the unfavorable public opinion of black felines.

Created by Maria Androushko

Fuzzfeed Pilot Episode

Spider-Man: Apprentice


A Superhero Buddy Comedy

Peter Parker takes on Miles Morales as his apprentice and all the challenges that come along.

Created by Ian Adema

Spider-Man: Apprentice Teaser

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