Original television pilots written by me:


An Hour-Long Sci-Fi Drama

When 1% of the human population develops the ability to read minds, an unlikely pair of telepaths must team-up to combat government registration.

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An Hour-Long Mystery Drama

A cynical FBI agent encounters a string of unusual murders that lead her to a new religion that promises its followers immortality, forcing her to question what’s real.

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Sample specs written based on existing shows:

Jessica Jones

Takes place between Season 1 & 2

After Trish is kidnapped by an obsessive fan, Jessica must do what she’s best at and save the person closest to her. Meanwhile, Malcolm struggles with his new-found sobriety as he works his first solo case.

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Rick and Morty

Takes place between Season 2 & 3

Rick & Morty travel to Neverland so Rick can acquire fairy dust for, uh… science. Unbeknownst to Morty, Rick’s last visit, where he was accompanied by an adolescent Beth, had a devastating impact on the magical land.

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